Just like Post-It, Coca Cola and Ferrari, A-Z Returns started by mistake!

We identified a need to assist online retailers with widespread return issues and became active on a US-based Amazon sellers’ support group. Our very first customer from the US needed her returned FBA goods to be collated and repatriated to the US. She found us on the support group and asked us to help. We established that the best outcome for her would be to sell most of the goods on and ship the more expensive items back to the States, which she resold at a profit. That first customer was so delighted, she referred us on.

Since then we’ve grown our customer base by word of mouth and by attending and exhibiting at prestigious conventions such as Prosper, ASD, Ecommerce, ASTG and various worldwide Amazon exhibitions. We now service over 50 customers, large and small, and in a wide range of sectors. In the past year alone we’ve handled over $10 million worth of stock.